Sponsorship for Equestrians

Individual Horse Rider Sponsorships

Rarely a day passes that we don’t get a few requests for sponsorships, from all sorts of riders across the world. The requests range from some of the top professionals in the industry to those who are just starting on their riding journey. It's an extremely time-consuming part of our business and we look at each opportunity and evaluate if the partnership would be beneficial to both parties, it's certainly not just about you "getting free stuff" and in return you promoting us on your page. You don't need to be a professional rider to work with us, we like working with all sorts of riders, of all ages and abilities.

We want to work with people who genuinely love our products, and would be prepared to purchase from us to test our products out before we engage in a sponsorship arrangement - this is as much for you as it is for us, we want to make sure you're happy with our product too and not 'stuck' promoting something you might not really be into. Authenticity is our game.  To work with us, we want to see that you have work ethic, drive and professionalism, which is the main three things we’re looking for when it comes to someone representing our products.

Safety is an integral part of working with us, we also want to be sure that you are riding in a responsible and safe way before we enter into a relationship with you - head protection is a very important part of our business ethos. Because, #noheadnorider.

So, if you'd really like to have a proper discussion with us about sponsorship, feel free to send us an email at info @ with the following information formally answered:

- Your name, country + occupation.

- Your riding Biography (tell us your history, results, highlights + lowlights. We want it all!)

- Your horses Bio (who/what/where/when/how!)

- Your goals and aspirations for your riding and how you think we would make a good fit for each other.

We can't guarantee that we will be able to work with you (we are a small business after all and we want to be around for the long term), so we hope you will understand if our response is not immediately a yes.

Equestrian Event/Club Sponsorships

We believe in supporting equestrian events, and receive hundreds of emails per year requesting sponsorship of events and riders. To us, the grass roots stuff is the most important; riders of any age, ability and horse type just getting out and having a go - medals, ribbons or no ribbons, we're all in!

We have a set budget each year for supporting certain equestrian events that we feel align to our business. We currently provide gift vouchers as prizes which are valid from 12 months of your event running and we may also consider cash sponsorship in certain cases. In return, we just ask to be kept informed about which classes these prizes will be donated too. Some great clubs we work with  also offer promotion on social media, websites and during the events, and this goes a long way to helping us all - the more we all grow our exposure, the more to go around for prizes!

So get in touch via email or our contact us form.


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